Our 2018 Travel Guides!

We are pleased to confirm that the updating of our travel guides, with all the latest news and new tourist attractions on the islands for 2018, is nearly complete.

Our website team are now engaged in both improving the visitor experience and adding new features to help make your 2018 holiday even more enjoyable and complete.

The latest addition to this website, is the ‘Travel Tech’ section, where we will be reviewing all the latest travel related products and services. In the development stage is our ‘Concierge Service’, which we aim to be a new and unique feature for 2018. When you purchase one of our 2018 travel guides and register your e-mail address on this website, the ‘Concierge Service’ will send you e-mails in ‘real time’ on any festivals, concerts and other tourist attractions occurring during your holiday. So you will always be aware of what is happening on the island and can plan your days so that you don’t miss a thing!

Our 2018 travel guides will be published in early January and should be available from all major book retailers world-wide by the middle of January.