A Close Shave!

When travelling, especially by air, weight and space are important factors, so we are always looking for unique products that will help to shave off some of those unnecessary luggage kilos.

With that in mind, we have chosen the new and unique Philips OneBlade Pro to add to our ‘Travel Tech’ recommended products. Of course, you can pack a couple of non-electric wet shavers to achieve even greater weight savings, but for those who like a bit more style and ease of use, the OneBlade Pro is a great product and one that will, in our view, become one of the best-selling electric shavers for 2018 and beyond.

The Philips OneBlade Pro isn’t an electric shaver, nor is it a trimmer, or a detailing tool. It’s all three! Designed to shave, trim and edge facial hair, the OneBlade Pro is perfect for men who are either bearded, or clean-shaven.

There are two options available, one with a charge docking station and one without the docking station and just a plug-in charging cable. We chose the latter, as it has a slight weight advantage, but also it will take up less space in your luggage.

Testing the Pro, we have been impressed with the close comfortable shave and perfect trimming it offers and see it as setting a new standard for electric shaver design. Although it can be used wet, with shaving foam, or dry, we chose to shave dry as the ultimate test and found it gave a close and comfortable shave.

Key Features

  • Unique design allows OneBlade Pro to shave, trim down, or remove hair of any length.
  • Fast-charging lithium-ion battery runs for ninety minutes (plenty for a two-week holiday).
  • 2-pin charging plug included (may require an adaptor for charging in the EU).
  • Economical – OneBlade lasts up to four months.
  • Wet or dry operation – use in the shower, with or without shaving foam.
  • Clip on adjustable trimmer.
  • Weight of the Pro and charging cable 149g (weight of a normal electric shaver >210g)

Overall, we found the OneBlade Pro to be an excellent product and whether travelling or not, we found it to be a serious contender to the traditional electric shaver.




The best price we found for the Pro was both on eBay and Amazon at £49.99 (at time of posting). Please note: some sellers are offering the shaver at a lower price, but only with ‘stubble combs’, not the clip on adjustable trimmer as in the photo above.

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Link to the Pro on eBay

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