The A to Z Guide to Kos, including Nisyros & Bodrum, 2018 edition

2018 AtoZ Guide to Kos

2018 is our 12th Year as the ‘International Best Selling Travel Guide to Thassos’!

The ‘A to Z Guide to Thassos’ was the first book in the unique ‘A to Z’ series of travel guides, renowned for their comprehensive, accurate and impartial approach.  Our Thassos travel guide covers all aspects of the island, its history and the many attractions to be found both on Thassos and the neighbouring mainland. The ‘A to Z Travel Club’, hosted on this website, vastly increases the information on Thassos available to the reader. (Travel Club link)

“Our aim is to offer the most comprehensive travel guide to Kos”!

The ‘A to Z Guide to Kos’ was the second book in the unique ‘A to Z’ series of travel guides, renowned for their comprehensive, accurate and impartial approach. Our Kos travel guide covers all aspects of the island, its history and the many attractions to be found on Kos, the neighbouring island of Nisyros and the nearby Turkish mainland. The ‘A to Z Travel Club’, hosted on this website, vastly increases the information on Kos available to the reader. (Travel Club link)

Tony Oswin, author of the ‘A to Z’ series of travel guides, is a British expatriate who now lives on Thassos. He realised the need for such guides during his many holidays on the Greek islands, finding it always difficult, costly and time consuming acquiring comprehensive and up to date information. He also found that the vast majority of travel guides are published and then just re-printed year after year, meaning that the information contained within, ends up inaccurate and out of date, the ‘A to Z’ series is very different:-

Firstly, our guide books are completely revised each year with all the latest news and changes on the islands for the forthcoming summer season.

Secondly, our objective is to offer our readers a unique source of the very latest news and information from the islands. To this end, purchase of any of our books grants you FREE membership of the ‘A to Z Travel Club’, allowing full access to all the Kos web pages, where you will find the latest news on attractions, festivals, music and cultural events, travel news and a vast range of tourist related information and advice (updated every day during the summer). It also allows us to offer a range of ‘member’ discounts offered by businesses on the islands, meaning that rather than costing you, our guides can actually save you money! (Travel Club discounts).

Thirdly, most travel guides ‘pad out’ their publications with pictures of nondescript pretty alleyways and beaches that are of little help to the reader. We wanted to offer much more and at a higher quality than is possible in a ‘paper-back’ format. So to achieve this and at no extra cost to the book purchaser, we moved all the media onto this website. In the Kos ‘Gallery’, Travel Club members will find over 50 high quality photographs, panoramas, videos and webcams. The photographs have a brief description and the relevant page number in the book, so that you can read more about the subject.

All this is aimed at offering the holidaymaker a series of unique travel guides that accurately and comprehensively cover all the subjects of interest, to help ensure a visit to the Greek islands is truly memorable and problem free.


Fully updated for the 2018 summer season!

Kos Travel Guide 2018

The 2018 edition book contains:

  • History & mythology of Kos
  • Local culture and customs
  • Different ways of visiting the island
  • Hotels, studios and apartments
  • Camping on the island
  • Places to visit
  • Organised trips
  • Activities for the younger visitor
  • Beaches and resorts
  • Archaeological sites on Kos
  • Visiting the volcanic island of Nisyros
  • Visiting Bodrum (mainland Turkey)
  • Eating and drinking out
  • A guide to Greek food
  • Sports & recreation on the island
  • Car & scooter hire
  • Public transport
  • Bus information
  • Ferry and hydrofoil information
  • Weather facts
  • Local products
  • Carnivals and religious events
  • Money matters
  • Health facts and contacts
  • Simple advice on bugs and critters
  • Shopping guides
  • Suggestions and insider tips
  • Maps of Kos, Kos Town, the Asklepion and Bodrum
  • 2018 Calendar
  • Greek glossary

Readers reviews are copied at the bottom of the page

Purchase of the ‘A to Z Guide to Kos’ entitles you to FREE membership of the ‘A to Z Travel Club’. For full information, please click on the ‘Travel Club’ link below.

Travel Club Link

The Kos travel guide, revised for the 2018 season with all the latest facts, money saving offers and comprehensive information on Kos.

The 2018 edition of the ‘A to Z Guide to Kos’ is published by Arima Publishing and priced at £9.95

Printed with a monochrome interior and full colour cover, 196 pages. Size 5.25″ x 8″

ISBN: 978-1845497200

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  • One of the main Greek island holiday destinations
  • In easy reach of Bodrum on the Turkish mainland
  • Nearby volcanic island of Nisyros
  • Many fine beaches
  • Bustling in the high season
  • Island airport
  • Many all inclusive resorts
  • Kos Town café culture
  • Archaeologically interesting
  • ‘High octane’ night-time venues



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Recent book comments left by our A to Z Guide customers.

  1. Martin, review (5 Stars) August 4, 2018 at 6:49 am #

    Great user friendly travel guide to Kos

    Great book written in a more user friendly format than most of the well known ones. It helps that it’s written by an English ex-pat. Will look to buy others from this author.

  2. could be better

    up to date, could be better illustrated

    A to Z Guides reply

    Dear Andrew,
    Thank you for your review. However, regarding illustrations, can we draw your attention to the explanatory introduction at the front of your book. As we confirm, our prime objective is to make sure our guides are accurate and with the very latest information at an affordable price. To achieve this, the publication process we chose was POD (Print on Demand), whereby books are printed in very small quantities, from a manuscript that is regularly updated. However, one drawback of POD is that at present, the addition of colour photographs adds considerably to the cost of each book. As you will find with guides that contain photographs and colour illustrations, they are printed in bulk to reduce the unit cost. This inevitably means that at these quantities, the book may be on-sale for a number of years and therefore can be significantly out of date when purchased.

    To solve this, we transferred the majority of media to our website, where we offer our readers more photographs, videos. panoramas and of higher quality than any other publication, free of charge to purchasers of our travel guides. You will also find the very latest news of attractions and events on Kos, so you don’t miss anything during your holiday.

    We hope you agree this offers you the best of both worlds.

    A to Z Guides

  3. S. Duty, review (5 Stars) September 17, 2016 at 6:38 am #

    The Best Guide You Can Buy

    I would like to thank the author for an excellent book which helped to make our fourth visit to Kos even more enjoyable. We hired a car and found some of the places he mentions so easily and his tips so useful. I would not hesitate to buy his other guides I was so impressed with this one. OK no photos but you can use the website and take your own.

  4. JM, review (5 Stars) January 27, 2016 at 6:38 am #

    Five Stars,

    Brilliant book, brilliant website. Highly recommended.

  5. Five Stars

    absolutely brilliant highly recommend it

  6. Five Stars

    Full of great advice made our holiday more enjoyable

  7. Neil Stewart, review (4 Stars) October 24, 2014 at 6:53 am #

    Four Stars


  8. Alina, review (5 Stars) October 16, 2014 at 6:12 am #

    Very good book, used it all the time while in …,

    Very good book, used it all the time while in Kos- helped a lot would def recommend if going there first time

  9. Dorothy, review (5 Stars) April 22, 2014 at 6:06 am #

    Very informative!

    This book was great. It had lots of useful information and is just an all round good book. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to travel to Kos. I am very much looking forward to my holiday now!

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