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Tips & advice

EU Law for Independent Holidaymakers

An EU law came into force on July 1, 2018, giving holidaymakers who book hotels and flights separately the same protection as those buying package holidays. Previously those who book different elements of their holiday separately have been less protected than those choosing package holidays. The Package Travel Regulations 2018, were prompted by the growing […]

Tips & advice

Helmets and Seat Belts – Update

If you are planning to hire a motorbike/scooter, or a car during your holiday in Greece, please be aware of the law concerning safety. Recently the law has changed and instead of a fine for both not wearing a helmet on a motorbike/ scooter, or not wearing seatbelts in a car, the fine was 350€ […]

Tips & advice

Bogus Holiday Illness Claims

Please be aware that a number of unscrupulous companies are cold calling British holidaymakers when they return home persuading them to make fraudulent, or exaggerated sickness claims. Some are even using touts in holiday resorts. As reported in the UK press, British holidaymakers have been prosecuted for making false claims with a real risk of […]