Beautiful, Traditional Thassos

The island of Thassos, the most northerly of the Aegean islands, is little known by Western European tourists, yet it holds the record for the most return visits of any Greek island!

This well-kept secret is where you will find a taste of  ‘real’ Greece, offering beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and excellent value for money. Mountains rise majestically to the centre of the island, which is known as the ‘Emerald Island’ due to its lush vegetation that includes extensive pine and fir forests and a multitude of cultivated olive groves.

Thassos Town, being both the ancient and modern capital of the island, offers the visitor a wide range of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets, from the ‘luxurious’ down to the ‘small and friendly’.

The town also boasts one of the largest and most modern museums in Greece, with fascinating archaeological sites to visit, both in Thassos Town and scattered around the island, emanating from a time when the island was a very powerful and wealthy ‘city state’ and known as the “Athens of the north”.

We highly recommend the island for those who want a taste of ‘real’ Greece!











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