Device Multi-Charger

Sadly, the more devices we add to our daily routine, the more chargers we have to take with us on holiday, which can be a bind and also up the already restricted luggage allowance. The list increases every year, with such items as a phone, tablet, rechargeable camera, smartwatch, music player, not to mention any children’s tech devices!

A further problem experienced by many, is trying to find enough available mains sockets in your hotel room, without having to disconnect the bedside lamps, or fight with your partner over the only available outlet!

One answer is to take a multi-port charger and just the USB leads for each device (many devices even use the same spec. cables).

One word of advise though, although most re-chargeable battery devices work on 5V and 1-4 amps, you should check the charging voltage and amperage of the device before plugging it in. This can be found printed on the device’s original transformer plug, or if in doubt, ask where you purchased the device.

Multi-ports can be purchased at a number of retail outlets, but the one featured above and tested by us, the Lencent, is in our view, one of the best types, as it comes with the required mains plugs for the UK, EU, US and AUS and incorporates intelligent charging, which means the Lencent identifies the required charge of the connected device and applies optimised charging.




Below is a link to the multi-port chargers on Amazon.

Multi chargers at

Below is a link to facts on charging devices.

Facts on charging devices



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