Drones Go Submerged!

Now you don’t even have to get wet to view the wonders of the sea first-hand!

The age of the drones has now moved on from aerial vehicles to the development of underwater craft, controlled from and viewed on your smartphone.

Capable of submerging to 100m and with a 4k/1080P camera allowing you to live stream amazing video right to your smartphone or tablet, the Gladius is one of the latest innovations to go on sale for those who want to experience the world in ever new and amazing ways.

Designed and manufactured in China by ‘Chasing Innovation’, the Gladius and similar underwater drones make the wonders of the sea truly accessible to the general public.

We hope to review the Gladius over the winter months and add some amazing underwater photos from the Aegean to our website.

Link to ‘Chasing Innovation’ website



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