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The days of the dedicated satellite navigation device is fast being overtaken by both Android and IOS navigation apps for smartphones and tablets. One of the best in our view is ‘Here Maps’, owned by Nokia, which is free to download and use.

The latest ‘HERE WeGo’, aims to be your go-to travel companion, and its active beta program gives the developers constant feedback from the Android and iOS communities. This has led them to develop accurate cost of travel estimates for long trips, live traffic updates in over 50 countries, turn-by-turn navigation for walking or driving, and the locations of taxi stands, car parks and many other services. If you’re going on a bike ride, you can even have the app estimate how difficult the terrain will be.

This is a perfect app to have on your smartphone or tablet, if you are going on holiday and especially, if you are hiring a car. You can download country maps, so that you can use the app off-line, so you should never be lost when away from an Internet connection.




There are links below for further information and where you can download the app for both Andriod and Apple devices.

Here WeGo for Android

Here WeGo for iOS

Below is a review of Here Maps by PCMag.

Here WeGo review

Finally, if you are planning to use your mobile device for navigation whilst on holiday, it’s a good idea to include a car charger and mobile holder in with your luggage. Below are a few ideas available on eBay.

Car USB charger

Mobile holder



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