Greek History News

Greek History News

For those who are interested in ancient Greece, we have created this section on history news, to bring you information on the latest archaeological finds, research, documentaries and news from the islands and broader Greece. We hope you will enjoy our articles.            

Oldest Known Intact Shipwreck Found

An Anglo-Bulgarian expedition has announced that in 2017, they discovered the world’s oldest intact shipwreck. The expedition had been exploring the Black Sea off the Bulgarian coast when their ROV (remotely operated vehicle) came upon the wreck. The well preserved 23 metre long vessel is thought to have been an ancient Greek trading ship and appears […]


More finds at Akrotiri, Santorini

The ongoing research at the archaeological site of Akrotiri on Santorini is gradually revealing a place of rituals, very close to Xesti 3, an important public building, which was decorated with rich frescoes. According to the archaeologists, the excavated finds are undoubtedly related to the perceptions and beliefs of the ancient society of Santorini, and […]


Ancient Tomb Discovered near Philippi

An ancient tomb, dating back to the late Hellenistic to early Greco-Roman periods (3-2nd century B.C.) has been discovered near the site of the ancient city of Philippi, during the construction of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline. The remnants of a gold crown were found in the tomb as well as other artefacts. Excavations by archaeologists […]


Minoan Tomb Discovered

Archaeologists in Crete have discovered an intact Minoan-era tomb containing two well-preserved adult skeletons as well as funerary offerings. An initial inspection of the ceramics found in the tomb allowed it to be dated to the late Minoan period, circa 1400 to 1200 B.C., the Greek Ministry of Culture have stated. The tomb was discovered […]


Earliest Known Extract from Homer’s Odyssey

A clay tablet with an engraved inscription discovered during excavations at the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia has been shown to preserve 13 verses of Homer’s Odyssey. According to a Greek Culture Ministry announcement today, initial estimates date the tablet to the Roman era, possibly before the 3rd century AD. If the tablet’s age is […]

Agai 3

The Palace of Aigai opens to the Public

After major redevelopment, the archaeological site of the Palace of Aigai has opened to the public this week. Considered not only to be the biggest, but together with the Parthenon, the most significant building of classical Greece, Constructed during the reign of King Philip II (359-336 BC), the father of Alexander the Great,  on a […]


The World’s Most Influential Story!

Homer’s Odyssey has been voted the most influential story to have shaped the world, according to a poll of more than 100 international authors, academics, journalists and critics conducted by Britain’s BBC. The Odyssey is, in part, a sequel to the Iliad, the other great work ascribed to Homer, and is the second-oldest extant work in Western […]