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Amazing Ancient Mathematics

It was over 2,000 years ago that the ancient Greek mathematician Eratosthenes calculated the Earth’s circumference. Using only a stick, Eratosthenes calculated that the circumference is approximately 40,030 km, a figure that mid-20th century scientists came up with after launching satellites into space. Eratosthenes, who was the head of the Library at Alexandria, had heard […]

Greek History News

For those who are interested in ancient Greece, we have created this section on history news, to bring you information on the latest archaeological finds, research, documentaries and news from the islands and broader Greece. We hope you will enjoy our articles.            

Saint Nicholas

St. Nicholas Relic

In Greece, December 6 is celebrated as St. Nicholas Day, who is the country’s patron saint, and all but restaurants, tavernas and a few shops close to celebrate the day. The 4th century saint is of course also famously known around the world as Father Christmas. In early December 2017, a report by the University […]

The ‘Classical’ Finger!

The Greek ‘Classical Period’ was not only a time of beauty, art and culture. It is through historic writings that we learn that Diogenes the Cynic, the ancient Greek philosopher, was probably the man who invented ‘the finger’ insult! The biographer of ancient Greek philosophers, Diogenes Laertios, wrote that the cynical philosopher made the gesture to […]


Masterpiece Found in Greek Tomb

University of Cincinnati researchers unearthed an intricately carved gem; or sealstone, which they believe is one of the finest works of prehistoric Greek art ever discovered. The “Pylos Combat Agate,” as the seal has come to be known since it was unearthed in Pylos, in the Peloponnese, depicts a fierce hand-to-hand battle. It is the latest and […]


The Parthenon of the Peloponnese

They call it the “Parthenon of the Peloponnese”. The columned temple of Apollo Epicurius is as beautiful as the Parthenon in Athens, as it rises within the sanctuary of Bassae in the mountains of Arcadia, near the border of the Messinia prefecture. The temple is located on a mountain top, at a height of 1,130 metres above […]


Hope for the Tree of Hippocrates

Japanese entrepreneur, Okana Tetsuya, wants to save ‘The Tree of Hippocrates’ on the island of Kos, which is suffering problems due to ageing. The 81 year-old businessman visited the tree on October 10, where he declared his interest in saving it from becoming a total loss. The Tree of Hippocrates is a roughly 500 year-old oriental […]


Ancient Temples and Fault Lines

The ancient Greeks may have built their temples in locations previously struck by earthquakes in the belief that the land held spiritual powers, a British scientist has claimed. According to a study by Iain Stewart, professor of geoscience communication at the University of Plymouth, several sacred sites in the Aegean region are located on fault […]


More Finds from the Antikythera Wreck

A bronze arm and many other artifacts from the ancient shipwreck off the Greek island of Antikythera, have been recovered by marine archaeologists. Divers found the encrusted right arm under half a metre of sediment on the boulder-strewn slope, where the ship and its cargo now rest. The huge vessel, perhaps 50m from bow to […]