Island News

Our newsroom, which covers the latest Greek island tourist information and news on a daily basis, will fully open at the beginning of the official tourist season for each island, with reports being posted on the relevant island’s news page.

For Santorini, Rhodes and Kos, this will be at the beginning of April, whereas for Thassos it will be in early May.

However, any major news, or important tourist related information, will continue to be posted throughout the pre-season months.

At present our technical team are involved in implementing changes to this website, to make it even more user-friendly and innovative. Some features will be absent at times, however, the new and revised format will be launched before the 2018 holiday season begins.

In our twelfth year of publication, we continue to be committed to bringing you the very latest and most accurate holiday information, to help make your 2018 Greek island holiday complete and problem free.