fire risk

Extreme Fire Risk!

The continuing high temperatures and resulting tinder-dry conditions have increased the risk of forest fires across Greece to critical. Already this year there have been nearly 100 wildfires across Greece. The high number of wildfires that occur each year in Greece are, in many cases, due to human negligence, rather than climatic conditions, such as […]

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The A to Z Guides to the Aegean islands of Santorini, Rhodes, Thassos and Kos are the most comprehensive and up to date travel guides on the planet…..and maybe elsewhere! Our travel guides are the only ones to combine the printed book with the full power of the Internet, keeping you informed before, during and […]


As we are now entering the prime season for wasps, for those who can’t stand the little critters, especially when eating, we offer a solution. If you are in a restaurant, ask the waiter for a ‘Burner’. Wasps and other insects dislike the effects and will generally leave you in peace to enjoy your meal. […]