fire risk

Fire Risk!

As temperatures sore and vegetation becomes tinder-dry, the risk of wildfires has increased dramatically and has already led to a number of serious wildfires across Greece this season. Unlike many natural disasters, the majority of wildfires are caused by people and can be prevented by people! Here are some tips on how you can help to prevent […]

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Quick Access to this Website!

For those who would like a quick access to this website on their phone or tablet, you can add an ‘A to Z’ icon to your Home Screen, whether your device is Android, Apple (iOS), or Windows 8, just follow the simple instructions below:- Android devices Launch Chrome for Android (web browser) and in the […]


We are now entering the prime season for wasps, so for those who can’t stand the little critters, especially when eating, we offer our members a simple solution. Details can be found on the ‘Tips & Advice’ pages, located in your island’s ‘Travel Club’ section.        

Tips & advice

Tips & Advice

For members, the ‘Tips & Advice’ section under ‘Travel Club’ above, is where you will find a wealth of information covering a wide range of holiday related issues. We are constantly adding new blogs to help answer any questions our members may have either before, or during their Greek island holiday. Your book password is […]