New Rules for Quads – Update

In March, the Greek Ministry of Transport’s latest traffic code regulations came into force, which ban some four-wheel recreational vehicles from being driven on paved streets and restricting their use purely to dirt tracks.

The ministry argues that restricting the use of these vehicles will reduce related accidents, particularly on the islands in the summer months, where they are a popular form of transport for tourists, as previously a driving license has not been required.

We have spoken to the Greek police and Article 31 of the law states that four-wheeled motorcycles (ATVs/Quads/Buggies) with up to 125cc engines are not allowed to drive on asphalt roads, but are allowed to cross them from dirt track to dirt track. In addition, Article 31 states that to rent such a vehicle with an engine rated above 125cc, a full driving license is now required, but the vehicle is alowed to drive on all public roads.

Younger drivers will be required to have at least a category ‘A’ motorbike driving license to be eligible to rent.

However, requirements may differ between rental companies.

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