Poor Mobile Battery Life?

When on holiday, wouldn’t it be lovely not to have to worry about having to regularly charge your phone, especially when you want to be out and about and assured that you will be able to receive urgent calls from back home, or make an emergency call if the need ever arose!

To try to solve the problem, we have assessed the majority of smartphones on the market today and one stood out way above the rest, Lenovo’s Vibe P2. The battery capacity is an amazing 5100 mAH! This is up to twice the capacity of most other smartphones, yet the phone is not discernibly heavier or thicker than most on the market. Taking the Samsung Galaxy S8 as a comparison, Weight: S8 – 155g, P2 – 147g. Battery: S8 – 3000 mAH, P2 – 5100 mAH. Thickness: S8 – 8mm. P2 – 8.3mm.

Although not a detailed scientific test, we fully charged the P2 and then used it inline with what we believe would be the average use for most on holiday and away from work. During the test period we received around 10 e-mails per day and a number of messages and ‘whatsapps’, we made one short call a day and took a few photographs (no gaming, or web browsing). Most holidaymakers still use a normal camera when away, so we feel this is not inaccurate. WiFi, Bluetooth and Location were turned off.

After running the test twice, we were amazed that the phone’s battery lasted on average 12 days! This would mean that only one charge would be necessary during a two-week holiday. The review by ‘Trustedreviews’ (link below) states 2 days 6 hours of life, but this is with very heavy use, including more than 10 hours of screen-on time and we would presume with all functions turned on.

For this test, we did not set out to assess the phones full specification, our aim was to find the best phone with regard to battery life. However, during the test we were impressed with the performance of the phone overall, with its Octa-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53 main processor and a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, amongst many other features.





Below is a link to the review by ‘Trustedreviews’.

P2 full review

Travel Tech Tip: For all mobile users who have a 4G phone, you can save battery life by turning off the 4G connection, if you do not require the fast data transfer speeds offered by 4G networks.

If your phone’s network mode is set to ‘LTE/WCDMA/GSM (auto-connect)’ (or equivalent), your phone will permanently try to reach the LTE (4G) network. This search uses a lot of battery. If you are not in an area covered by the LTE network, it may drastically impact your battery life. If you want to turn off 4G, we suggest you choose the option ‘WCDMA/GSM (auto-connect), (also called TD-SCDMA or just CDMA)’. It will connect you to the 3G network, or to the GSM network if a 3G network is not available.

For most phones you will find the mobile’s network connection in the phones ‘Settings’ menu under ‘Wireless & Networks’ – ‘Mobile networks’.


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