Greek Waters Excellent for Swimming

The European Environment Agency’s annual report on the cleanliness of beaches, lakes and rivers for swimming, shows that 95.9% of Greek waters are considered excellent for swimming. Greece comes fourth in the European Union ratings, after Luxembourg, Malta and Cyprus, although the number of beaches in those countries are so few in comparison, that Greece […]

10 Greek Super Foods

The popularity of superfoods is growing at a fast pace. This is simply because these mostly natural foods are packed with high levels of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals while they also provide countless benefits that help you live a longer and healthier life. Contrary to popular belief, not all these superfoods are bizarre, hard to […]

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The Migrant Crisis and the Islands

Whilst the migrant crisis is unquestionably tragic, we felt that due to the ongoing media coverage that has not differentiated between the Greek islands with regard to which have been affected, we should confirm the situation on the islands we cover. It has to be stated, that the objective of almost all the migrants is […]

Food and Drink

We have added information on Greek food, wine and beer, for those who would like to know more about the locally produced products. The information can be found on the ‘Links’ page for your particular island destination (Travel Club members only).


During your stay on the Greek islands, you may witness the sight of a local fisherman seemingly beating the life out of an octopus on the side of his boat, or on a rock. He is in fact initially ‘tenderising’ the animal by breaking down the cells to expel as much water as possible. To […]

Extended Season

Being in the southern Aegean, the tourist season on the islands of Kos, Rhodes and Santorini extends into most of October. So for those who prefer more Western European summer temperatures, the islands are a perfect holiday destination at this time of year. Whilst the weather is less reliable than in July, August and September, […]