Safety on Holiday

Whilst cases of personal crime are still rare on the Greek islands, there has been an increase in pick-pocketing and theft this year, mostly attributed to foreign criminals seeing easy pickings from holidaymakers. Our advise is that you are extra vigilant when in crowded areas, in restaurants, or on the beach.

A few helful hints:-

1. Make sure you use the safe provided in many hotel rooms, or the reception. That way you can leave your money and such things as passports secure. Only carry the amount of money you think you will use when you leave the hotel.

2. Don’t carry unnecessary valuables in your bags. Carry credit cards, important documentation and money securely, such as in a bum bag.

3. Make sure you carry backpacks, bum bags, or any other type of bags across your shoulders, or in front of you. Choose bags for your holiday that are well secured and not easy to open.

4. Don’t leave mobile phones, or tablets unattended.

5. Take extra care when in crowded areas. Sometimes thieves work in groups and while one person distracts you the other is robbing you.

6. Never leave valuables or bags behind, or under your chair in bars and restaurants. They should always be kept next to you.

7. Avoid taking money out of cash machines at night or in dark, isolated areas.

8. Be positive and try not to look like a tourist. Don’t open your map in the middle of a street, or if you do, try to do it discreetly. If you need help or directions, ask a police officer, or nearby business staff.

9. On the beach, choose a spot where you are next to others from your country, that way, when you go in the sea, you can ask them to kindly watch your valuables. Alternatively, undo the strap on bags and put them around your sunbed frame. If snatched, they will have to drag the sunbed with them!

10. Be aware of people around you, especially those who seem to be watching you, or others.

11. Do not leave valuables on show in a hire car. Place everything in the boot, or glove compartment.

Remember, if the worst does happen, report it to the Police and obtain a crime number document, you will need this to claim from your insurance.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday.