The Palace of Aigai opens to the Public

After major redevelopment, the archaeological site of the Palace of Aigai has opened to the public this week.

Considered not only to be the biggest, but together with the Parthenon, the most significant building of classical Greece,

Constructed during the reign of King Philip II (359-336 BC), the father of Alexander the Great,  on a raised outcrop in modern day Vergina, northern Greece (70km from Thessaloniki), the palace, three times the size of the Parthenon, was visible from the whole Macedonian basin; a remarkable landmark, a symbol of power and beauty.

The Palace of Aigai was designed for Philip by an amazing architect, probably Pytheos, known for his contribution to the construction of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (modern day Bodrum) and to the development of urban planning and the theory of proportion.

For those travelling independently to Thassos, we would highly recommend visiting the royal tombs and the palace at Vergina, before, or after their time on Thassos for further information click the link below.

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