The Unique ‘A to Z’ Guides

If you wish to get a feel for the wealth of information that is available to you on this website, free of any charge when you purchase one of our unique travel guides, please read on.

For example, in just one member’s section, ‘Travel Information’ (under Travel Club), there is over 50 holiday issues covered for each island destination, including UK and US airport parking, carpooling, airport delays, customs and baggage information, destination airport information, a range of holiday checklists, saving money on phoning home, Greek language help, travel accessories, health advice, island bus timetables, taxi information, real-time exchange rates, live currency converter, travel money advice and ATM locators, to name just a few. The ‘Travel Information’ sections are in themselves just one of 12 sections available to ‘members’ for each island destination, so whatever help or advice you are seeking, we are confident you should find it on our website.

With regard to photographs of the islands, our aim has always been to offer the highest quality travel guides possible. However, as we update and republish the books each year (and during the year when necessary) to keep them fully up to date, inclusion of colour photographs would substantially increase the retail cost of the book. Travel guides which do include colour photographs are invariably printed in large numbers so as to reduce the unit cost. This means that they may stay on sale for many years, leading to the information and photographs within becoming increasingly out of date.

Therefore to offer our readers the latest information in the printed books and at a reasonable cost, we decided to host the island photographs on this website, where we could not only add many more, but also of a much higher quality and include videos. The ‘Travel Club’ galleries on this website have the following high definition photos and videos:- Santorini has 54 photos and 8 videos, Rhodes has 48 2D, 39 3D photos and 10 videos, Thassos has 109 2D, 38 3D photos and 16 videos, finally Kos has 45 high quality photos and 5 videos. The photographs have both a brief description and a page number in the book, where you will find further details on the image subject.

All of this is of course in addition to the wealth of information contained within our guide books, each of which has around 200 pages of information and is fully revised each year!

This is why our travel guides have achieved the reputation of being the most comprehensive available and truly a ‘one-stop shop’ for your 2019 Greek island holiday.

Travel Club Membership is automatic and free when you purchase one of our travel guides.


(Please note: The password contained in each book allows access to the full information for that specific island only.)