About the author, Tony Oswin

Tony Oswin

Tony Oswin, MIoP

Tony was born in Nottingham, England. In his twenties the seeds were sown for his love affair with Greece during a holiday on the island of Skiathos. Although his career would be focused on business consultancy, he also studied ancient Greek history and archaeology and through this visited many of the islands of the Ionian and Aegean seas, as well as the mainland of Greece.

He found though that there were a few Aegean islands that captivated him. When in 2005, he had the opportunity of retiring from his business consultancy, he and his partner Carol chose one of these, Thassos, as their new home as British expatriates, selecting to live on the outskirts of Limenas, also known as Thassos Town.

Thassos is a unique and beautiful island situated in the northern Aegean, just off the coast of Eastern Macedonia. Still relatively unknown, it does though hold the title of having the most return visits of all the Greek islands. However, Tony realised that what the island lacked was an internationally available and comprehensive travel guide covering all that Thassos offered the visitor. Having already published books on business, in 2006 he decided to write the ‘A to Z Guide to Thassos’.

Due to the International success of this book, Tony went on to write the three latest travel guides on the islands of Rhodes, Santorini and Kos. In the future he looks forward to writing guides on more of his favourite Greek islands.

Tony is Managing Director of the ‘A to Z Guides to the Aegean’.

You can e-mail enquiries to: info@atoz-guides.com