Free Tsunami Warning

Over the last few years, we have seen the destruction and sad loss of life that tsunamis can wreak on communities around the world, and that no ocean or sea is totally safe from these horrendous natural disasters.

We have also witnessed that many of the affected areas have been tourist destinations, such as those touched by the “Boxing Day” tsunami in 2004, which took over 230,000 lives. So it makes sense that if travelling abroad to locations by the sea and especially to resorts in Asia, you take simple steps to make your stay as safe as possible. is a global tsunami warning and alert system. Registration and membership is totally FREE. CWarn monitors global earthquake activity and alerts registered members, via an SMS text message on their mobile phones, should a tsunami threaten their particular location.

Registration is simple and should take a few seconds and then you can forget it in the knowledge that you will be warned of any impending danger, hopefully allowing you the time necessary to reach safety. Make sure when registering, that you enter the location that you are travelling to and for future trips, you update your registration details to the new location.

Although this service is entirely free, they do rely on donations from the public and therefore to help them save lives in the future, we do respectfully ask that you click the donate button on their website and give, if only a small amount. Below is a link to their website.

Link to CWarn website

List of historic and recent tsunamis




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