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As our prime aim is to offer the most comprehensive and accurate guide book to Thassos, we are constantly accessing and developing the book’s content in response to the feedback received from our readers. When we designed the format of the ‘A to Z Guides’, we were careful to address all the wishes expressed by the tourists interviewed during the initial market research. The top six requests are listed below including our response in blue.

Top 6 market research results (in order of ranking)

1.     “Information should be up-to-date and comprehensive”

The A to Z Guide books are revised each year and also during the year when changes on the islands necessitate a new edition. Our website is also primarily designed to bring you the very latest news mid-edition and any changes you should be aware of to save you time and money.

 2.    “A guide book should be easy to read on the move, but small enough to carry”

The formatting of the books is designed to aid reading. Paragraphs have a ‘line-break’ separating each to make it easier on the eye. Further market testing in 2011 confirmed that we could reduce the size of the book without compromising readability and so, since 2012, all the guides measure 5.2” x 8”.

 3.    “The contents of a guide book should be independent and unbiased”

We only include named businesses that are unique or in the interests of the reader. We do not accept financial inducements to include any business or organisation within our books.

 4.    “Information on the same subject should be listed together”

Tourists complained that many guide books are compiled in resort order, making it hard to compare beaches, resorts and attractions. We on the other hand have compiled all the information on each subject into one chapter making it easier to select and plan.

5.    “We would like complete information on the history and places of interest on the island”

The majority of tourists confirmed that they enjoyed sightseeing as much as sun and sea, requesting accurate and comprehensive information on what to see and do on the island. We have therefore included all the main attractions on or near Thassos and the latest archaeological and geological research.

6.    “We would like a guide book that is not just a compilation of facts, but is also an informative and entertaining read whilst on holiday”

We have included chapters on Thassos’ mythology, economy, culture and customs, wildlife and more, to give the reader a ‘true feel’ for the island and its inhabitants.

We thank readers for their complimentary feedback and are pleased that this confirms we are continuing to achieve our prime objectives.

Recent book comments left by our A to Z Guide customers.

  1. ann mcguinness June 10, 2012 at 12:02 am #

    thankyou tony your book A to Z guide to guide to thassos is exactly as it as covers everything from A to is a must buy for anyone
    visiting thassos.THANKYOU to the author.suggestion
    here re kos and santorini.the A to Z GUIDE by tony oswin would make a usefull gift for birthday ect. to any traveller.thankou tony for all the helpfull guidance which is contained in your book regards ann and trevor

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